Magellan Titanic – TT24

The first, full-sized digital twin of the Titanic, which lies 3,800m (12,500 ft) down in the Atlantic, was created by Magellan in 2022 using deep-sea mapping techniques. Since its release in 2022, Magellan has continued to work with the point-cloud, developing and refining our processing systems and workflows to bring out the true fidelity and colours of the Titanic as never before seen. Applying new processing techniques to the original Magellan IP and raw data sets have delivered a new data-set with >35% better resolution and accuracy. Where each point in the Dense Point cloud used to generate the model has its unique set of Cartesian Coordinates (X,Y,Z), time stamp and texture. All images and video have been reduced to 1080p or similar for ease of viewing on the web.

Bow Of The Titanic

Stern Of The Titanic