Magellan Services

Deep Water Intervention

In recognising the challenges of deep and ultra-deep water intervention, Magellan conduct careful planning to ensure the ROV system is equipped with all the tooling and capability required to perform the task ahead.

Maximum time at depth and the flexibility to adapt to operational circumstances are factored into our pre-dive preparations.

Critical Operations & Emergency Response

Magellan operates a dedicated 24-hour Emergency Response operation, with dedicated teams on standby ready to meet any challenge in recovery work.

All energy and transport field operations carry risk. Even the best-managed systems can fall victim to catastrophic mechanical failure, extreme environmental events or human error.

When such events occur within or above the marine environment, timely and experienced response becomes all the more critical. Personnel and asset recovery, limiting environmental and economic impacts, and collecting evidence for incident investigation should all form part of advance readiness for the unexpected. Magellan are here to help.

Mineral & Bulk Sampling

As part of Magellan’s mineral exploration projects, we own and operate a selection of tooling and sensors inclusive of:

  • Bulk and Environmental Sampling rigs
  • Deepwater tow fish
  • Full ocean depth MBES
  • 10,000m traction winches with synthetic rope
  • 7-10km Active Heave compensated winches
  • Sampling through the use of towed arrays & heavy lifts

Seafloor Surveying & Mapping

Magellan’s in-house surveying and seafloor exploration services utilise a range of data acquisition techniques including the deployment of the following industry standard equipment:

  • Full ocean depth MBES,
  • Side scan sonar
  • Sub-bottom profiling.
  • Towed and seafloor deployed multipurpose skids
  • Photogrammetry
  • CTD Probes

Flowline, Pipeline and Cable Inspection Services

Magellan services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • General condition survey and anomaly identification
  • Damage location and cataloguing
  • Full cathodic protection survey
  • Free span detection and logging
  • Depth of burial surveys
  • Subsea architecture GVI & CVI
  • Photogrammetry and MBES

Platform and Structural Inspection

Magellan services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Cathodic protection verification and condition inspection
  • ACFM
  • FMD
  • GVI (General Visual Inspection)
  • CVI (Close Visual Inspection)