Magellan Equipment

MV Freja

Magellan has the DP2, 75m MV Freja on long-term charter. We have invested in twin 6,000m Argus Electric Worker ROVs, a 25 tonne active heave-compensated winch and the mobilization to the MV Freja.

Freja is now one of the best equipped deep-water recovery vessels active today.

MV Freja


Magellan operates twin Argus Worker Electric Work-Class ROV systems rated to 6000msw.

The systems currently utilise Kraft Predator and Schilling Atlas manipulators and can be outfitted with dredging equipment and the latest in subsea surveying sensors to suit a wide range of operational requirements.

Benefiting from such a versatile array of equipment as well as the inherent operational efficiencies of fielding identical dual systems, Magellan’s current ROV assets are ideally suited to all manner of drill support, IMR, surveying, and construction support activities.

Argus Electric Worker ROV

Additional Equipment

Magellan have a stock of equipment to complement our own or third-party mobilized packages.

  • Shallow High Resolution through 3km to 12km MBES’s
  • MacArtney AHC R50 with 7,000m 10 tonne synthetic lift rope.
  • Winches, cranes, davits and LARS
MacArtney Winch

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