Where we started

Established in 2015, Magellan is driven by a management team whose background includes offshore contracting, geotechnical survey and ultra-deep water ROV operations, including environmental and site investigation.  These operations have been conducted for a wide range of clients across the oil and gas, fibre-optic and subsea recovery industries.

Supported by the board, the management team have guided and overseen the integration of standard oil and gas practices as well as the building and development of 6,000m ROVs, specialist and innovative winches and a range of purpose-built subsea tooling.

Magellan at work

Our Culture

Magellan’s mission is to challenge conventional thinking on how to approach deep ocean and harsh environment projects, while delivering pragmatic and efficient solutions.

Flexible thinking is built into everything we do.

We pride ourselves on being uniquely qualified in adapting and overcoming any challenges put before us.

Where We Work…

Relying on their decades of collective experience, the management team has strategically formed relationships in key locations around the world, which are in turn leveraged to support Magellan’s global operations.